Andy Speaks

In the two years since I began work on this website I’ve often faltered and floundered about its purpose and content. Much of the time, it sat idly by as I worked on other projects.

Now, I am excited to tell you one of those projects is more than alive and well. My son Andy and I completed our book about life with his autism. Andy Speaks is up and running on

(Don’t be confused by my author name. Carolyn Coen was my name from the beginning to the end of my part in the book.)

Here’s how the book is described on the back cover and on amazon:

Andy Speaks is a sincere testimonial that reveals dramatic changes in the life of Andy, a man who has autism. He tells his own story of adversities overcome and challenges met. Interwoven with his stories are reports by his mom, Carolyn. She augments his revelations with stories of her involvement in his life. Andy’s caregiver, teacher, advocate and audience, Carolyn gave Andy consistent and deep faith in her own perception and understanding of his goals and abilities. Her dedicated efforts to ensure his success-together with his own determination-paid off.

Early chapters alternate between Andy’s story and Carolyn’s reports of how she helped him realize his potential. In later chapters, Andy tells of his independent life and many accomplishments. Finally, Carolyn describes the attitudes and efforts that worked to help him achieve his successes. Her final words reveal his ongoing growth toward a normal life and the ways his growth reflects her success.

In all, this book reads like a story, but every word is true. You won’t stop reading until you get to the end.

From Andy Speaks, available now from Amazon and Warner House Press

We hope you’ll be inspired to obtain and read a copy of Andy Speaks. The ups and downs you’ll find in the story lead to a reward beyond compare.


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