Cybele Sieradzki

(Pronounced SIB uh lee [Cybele] Sure AD ski [Sieradzki])

Born in Michigan and, at various times, resident in eight states, I’ve had several careers. I waited tables for four years in college. I held key positions in research on projects to determine  the efficacy of government funded bilingual education; to assess an educational tool for Head Start students; and to evaluate the success of a program to teach parents how to manage their unruly adolescent children. I worked as a technical writer and editor in the software industry for fifteen years. I’m the mother of a now independently successful son who has autism and linguistic brain damage.

Now retired, I live in the Arizona desert, where I’ve edited a number of books for friends and other writers. I do less of that now so I have time for her own endeavors: I write essays, memoirs of my life, random poems, and directions for travelers on the way to my home. Without a cat for eight years, I hope to be adopted soon.

I earned a BA in English from Maryville College, in Tennessee and an MA in Experimental Psychology from California State University, Fullerton.

List of My Credentials

In my several careers, I’ve participated in a variety of activities, including

Mother of Autistic son

  • Behavior Modification
  • Home school
  • Public education
    • Located schools
    • Interpretation and defense of student
  • Parent group
    • Newsletter
    • Advocate for more and better service to
      • Individual students
      • Students as a group
  • Social service organizations
    • Locate and obtain service
    • Assist team members
    • Identify client’s traits and needs
    • Advocate
  • Editor and typist of my son’s autobiography

Other Words

Description of My Credentials

I served as editor and typist for my autistic son’s autobiography. 

Andy and I plan to publish a second book soon. The new book is a dialog between Andy and me.  Andy, in his own words, describes his life from his perspective. I talk about my activities to help him progress from mute autism and social isolation to graduation from the community college with both an AA degree and a certificate of accomplishment in Commercial Art.

I won a prize in a contest offered by the Society of Technical Documentation. I received several awards from my company for both excellence in documentation and service to the greater community.

In my spare time, I write memoirs, essays and a bit of poetry. I have a collection of favorite recipes and plan someday to prepare a cookbook.