Cybele Sieradzki

(Pronounced SIB uh lee [Cybele] Sure AD ski [Sieradzki])

Born in Michigan and, at various times, resident in eight states, I’ve had several careers. I waited tables for four years in college and three years in graduate school. I earned a BA in English from Maryville College, in Tennessee and an MA in Experimental Psychology from California State University, Fullerton.

I held key positions in research on projects to determine  the efficacy of government funded bilingual education; to assess an educational tool for Head Start students; and to evaluate the success of a program to teach parents how to manage their unruly adolescent children. I worked as a technical writer and editor in the software industry for fifteen years.

Now retired, I live in the Arizona desert, where I’ve edited a number of books for friends and other writers. I do less of that now so I have time for my own endeavors: I write essays, memoirs of my life, random poems, and directions for travelers on the way to my home. Without a cat for eight years, I hope to be adopted soon.

Andy Coen

Andrew has lived in California for most of his life. He considers Southern California his home, though he was born in New Jersey and lived briefly in upstate New York. He’s been driving his own cars since 1978 and lived on his own since mid-1979.

Andrew’s early, part-time positions included work as landscape caretaker, model for art classes, and newspaper carrier. His full time employment as respiratory technician at the Fairview Developmental Center spanned forty-one years; he retired from that position in June, 2018. An active member of his union, Andrew also contributed several memorial structures on the Fairview grounds and several books describing the history of Fairview.

A graduate from Orange Coast Community College, with an AA in Commercial Art, Andrew has held more than ninety exhibits of his orange crate labels and other mementos of the history of the orange packing industry. For many of those exhibits, he gives lectures on elements of that industry. He has recently added ownership of collector cars to his collector activities.

Andrew still lives in Southern California with his dogs, who are his resident family. Their several daily walks in the neighborhood contribute much pleasure for his greater community.

Andy Speaks

Andy and I recently published a book, Andy Speaks. It tells the story of our life with his autism. My author name is the pseudonym, Carolyn Coen. That was my name during the time most of the events in the book occurred. Andy Speaks is available on amazon.com. (If you buy and read the book, Andy and I would very much appreciate your review on amazon. It helps us achieve a better amazon rating for the book!)