Things I can do for you

Schedule of Fees

Billed by the hour.
Payments made weekly by check, payable to Cybele Sieradzki.

Discuss with you about how to Live With and Help someone on the Autistic Spectrum$25.00

Consult with You

Initial Consult$40.00
Program Evaluation$60.00

Edit Your Written Work

Copy Edit$40.00
Developmental Edit$35.00
Fact Checking$45.00

Service Descriptions

Consulting Service:

Consult about Program Evaluation – to understand the effectiveness of your program for enhancing operation of your department or program and for grant applications

  • learn which characteristics of your department or program are working effectively
  • prepare a grant application that requires a description of facets of your program;  how (and how well) they contribute to the success of the program

Editing Services include:

Copy edit – elements of 

  • grammar 
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • use of upper and lower case, numbers
  • word usage 

developmental edit – address

  • structure
  • continuity
  • coherence throughout presentation
  • consistency of
    • voice
    • point of view
    • names of characters
    • tense (of verbs)
  • fact checking
  • indexing